Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rev's Angel

We had an angelic intervention on Saturday evening.

Our oldest son’s rat terrier – Rev – disappeared during a walk along a nearby creek last Saturday afternoon. He was wearing his collar, but his tags were at home (don’t ask). A six-hour search along the creek, in the woods along that creek, and through adjacent neighborhoods turned up nothing. Heartbreak for all of us. The creek was running deep and fast, a major four-lane road lay nearby, wild animals lived in the woods.

Signs were posted overnight. We tried to console ourselves with the knowledge that God had a special angel watching over Rev. The Lord had brought Rev to us 6 years ago (after being left at the SPCA--TWICE!!!) because He knew that we would give him a good home. We all fell in love with the little guy and he fit in with our family very well.

A call came in early Sunday morning from two women at the apartment complex that lay on the other side of the woods from the creek. They had gone out for an early morning walk and saw one of the signs that had been posted overnight. Minutes later, passing the fenced dog park in the middle of their apartment complex, they spotted Rev sitting in the grass INSIDE the fenced park, paws crossed, patiently waiting.

Those wonderful women took him back to their apartment, fed and watered him, then called the phone number on the sign to report that Rev was alive and well. He wasn’t hurt or frightened. In fact, he happily performed his small repertoire of tricks for the women…something he does only grudgingly for us. Within minutes of that phone call, he was back safe and sound with his family.
"Someone" found Rev and put him inside that dog park during the night—a fenced dog park with a closed gate. I believe the "someone" was an angel – Rev’s angel.

Those two women were angels, too, to go to the trouble of taking him in. Yes, there are animal lovers in the world. Many come in human form, but some, I believe, are true angels.

And Rev will never go out without his tags again.

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