Monday, June 16, 2008

Ghostly Adventures - The Glaring Ghost

You know that sensation that occasionally occurs, convincing you that someone is watching you? You look over your shoulder but no one is there and a shiver tickles up your spine. Imagine waking in the middle of the night with that sensation. It happened to me at my sister’s house once.

I woke from where I’d gone to sleep on the couch but I didn’t open my eyes. I had the distinct feeling that someone was standing over me, glaring at me. I felt that it was a woman and I just knew that I’d see her if I opened my eyes. But I was terrified at the prospect and could not bring myself to open my eyes. I wanted to call out to my husband who slept nearby with the kids on a mattress on the floor. But my throat locked up as an unpleasant chill gripped me. Anger flowed from the unseen entity, frightening me more and more. Finally, I was able to shout out my husband’s name. Instantly, the sensation vanished. I opened my eyes and saw. . .no one. Believe me when I say that I had trouble sleeping for the rest of the night.

When I asked my sister the next morning if she’d ever experienced any supernatural events in her house, she looked at me with guilty surprise for a moment before admitting that the house was indeed haunted. The husband and wife who’d lived there most of their married life had both died in the house. My sister and her husband occasionally saw the spirits of both, leaning over their beds at night or passing across the far end of the hallway from one bedroom to another. She said that the woman especially seemed angry and would glare at my sister or her husband as if she didn’t want them in her house.

My sister did some research on the family that had lived in the house and discovered that the woman had hated cats. This explained why my sister’s cat lived in an almost constant state of skittishness, often leaping into the air and bolting from a room for no obvious reason. It was almost as if someone malicious had yanked on the poor pet’s tail or ear. The cat settled into a much calmer state after my sister’s family moved from that house and continues to be a calm pet today.

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Caffey said...

Hi Terri! Its Caffey from the chats! It was so good to hear about your book this week!!Great to be visiting your blog here too. I shuddered reading that!

When I was young, I say about 10 or so, I was seeing at night when I was in my bed, a man on the lower roof that was before my window that was near my bed. He was like sitting with his knees up and his chin on his knees. I would scream for my parents and my Dad told me that it was the trees outside and he'd cut off some branches. He does that but I still see him. My dad then told me that I sometimes may see something but others won't, and that the man is probably watching over me because he is downstairs and can't. So slowly I just started talking to him and telling him problems, and my fears and then after time I would just look and make sure he was there. Then one day he was gone. It was there, to me it was. And I picture it as clear as then, just a total brownish gray guy siting on the roof.

Teri Thackston said...

That would certainly have terrified me, Caffey. Sometimes in the past I've seen strange figures out of the corner of my eye, but they always disappear when I turn toward them. Are they ghosts? Angels? They're strangely shaped, but I can't quite describe them. Maybe I don't want to!